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Good evening ladies and gentlemen - lords and ladies - your Majesty...this is not your captain speaking but I have news for you nonetheless.

There is now a fanfiction request meme dedicated solely to the hilarious and oh-so-addictive Cabin Pressure.

Here you can all post prompts for the stories that you want to read, read through each other's requests and hopefully fill a few that jump out at you.
This is an excellent way for you to meet and interact with fellow fans, finally get rid of those plot bunnies gnawing away at your brain and even adopt a pet project or two. So please come over, check us out and contribute to the noble effort of increasing the Cabin Pressure love in the world.

We also have a database that archives all prompts that are posted to the meme and then provides links to any fills that may have been done for those prompts.
You can find that here:

So on behalf of all your crew today, may I just say - Geronimo!!
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