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No, not of the sad-faced Victorian variety, but for fills. This is for authors to let people know that their fill will not be continued by them, and to let someone else take up the fill to complete it.

All you have to do is post the prompt and give a link to the fill. You can include more than that, if you want to (where the story was going, important plot points, et cetera), but this is all that's required.

By posting your fill here, you are giving permission to another writer to continue the story and to do with it as they see fit. Orphaned fics may only be posted by the original author, no exceptions. If it turns out that this post is being abused, it will be deleted.

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"This fandom is like Gerti. Sometimes bits fall off, sometimes it makes distressing noises, sometimes we even suck a goose into the engine and it seems like it'll never fly again. But it always does."

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