Someone wrote in [personal profile] cabinpres_fic 2015-02-05 10:38 am (UTC)

developing D/M - Douglas wants to be dominated

All his sexually active life, what Douglas has yearned for is for someone to just claim him. Not a full on BDSM relationship, but just to be completely manhandled once in a while, pushed up against walls and groped, ordered around sexually, held down and fucked hard for hours, kept on the edge until it suited his partner to let him come. Unfortunately for Douglas, he's always been tall and strong and his partners that have been interested in anything like that have wanted him to be in control of them. Douglas has always been a considerate lover and gone with what his lovers desired, saving his own fantasies to be just that, fantasy.

Then one day, when the playful flirting with his short, slight, ginger captain starts getting serious, rather than the usual dynamic he finds that the Supreme Commander extends his domain beyond the cockpit of the aeroplane, whether he's aware he does or not.

TLDR: Douglas wants to be dominated. When their relationship becomes sexual it turns out Martin is surprisingly dominant.

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