Someone wrote in [personal profile] cabinpres_fic 2015-01-28 02:59 pm (UTC)

Re: AU - D/M arranged marriage, sort of.

Ooooh I LOVE this!

(esp fevered!shipper!Carolyn: "gdi I caNNOT STaNd tHIs UST!")

Martin and Douglas are in fact officially civil partners under the law.

welllll, 'cept Douglas was married to someone else at the time? Are you allowed to be married to one person and civil unioned to another? (That would actually be wonderful for poly ppl, and very forward-thinking of the UK :D :D :D) If not, then the c-u was invalid.

So bonus points for Martin insisting that they make it all correct and according to regulations after Douglas' divorce :D :D :D

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