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AU - D/M arranged marriage, sort of.

Shortly after Cremona, Carolyn gets ill and develops a high fever, during which she insists that she cannot have pilots who are not married to each other. It's a source of great and genuine distress in her fevered state.

Since everyone is rather worried that Carolyn's illness could become fatal if she keeps on like this and Arthur is beside himself with worry, Martin and Douglas decide there is no harm in having Arthur preside over their hospital bedside wedding, just to calm Carolyn and let her have some peace.

Carolyn eventually recovers and all goes back to normal apart from the joking ("Do you want me to drive, darling?"). Except... Arthur had one of those internet license to perform an actual civil union. The paperwork was done, signed by medical staff 'witnesses' and submitted to the registry office, and Martin and Douglas are in fact officially civil partners under the law.

When Helena later files for divorce from Douglas, everything suddenly gets very complicated.

Prefer happy ending with Douglas and Martin choosing to remain partners, either platonically or romantically.

TLDR: To soothe an ill Carolyn, Douglas and Martin have Arthur fake-marry them, except it turns out to not be quite as fake as they thought.

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