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Beta/Concrit Post

Hello, all. The Beta/Concrit Post is an idea that came up on the meme and we're going to give it a try. For authors looking for a beta, and people wanting to offer beta services, we present your very own corner of the meme!

For Authors

For all you excellent fillers, authors, etc. who want a second opinion.

  1. Post a new comment

  2. In the subject line, place your title or a brief description of the fill content (Martin/Douglas spelunking, Arthur/Snoopadoop friendship, Herc/Opera=OTP).

  3. In the comment itself, copy or link to the original prompt, and include a link to your fill.

  4. If you and your potential beta want to work out another method for beta-ing, such as emailing back and forth or Google Docs feel free to arrange it on the meme or via PM's, but keep in mind that the meme is a public forum and any private information posted here is no longer private.

For Betas

If you'd like to hang out your shingle as a beta-reader, thank you!

  1. The easiest option: reply to an author looking for a beta! Or, post a new comment.

  2. In the subject line, put something like "Offering to Beta" or whatever you see fit to advertise your services.

  3. In the comment, give authors an idea of things you like to read. (Douglas/Carolyn FTW!, Carl/Gertie rarepair, Arthur-Martin friendship). If you have anything you can't or won't read, you might want to mention it.

  4. You may want to include an outside contact option, but as stated above please keep in mind that the meme is a public forum and any information shared here is just that-public.

For Concrit

For all you writers looking to for multiple opinions.

  1. Post your comment, as you do, with your subject line making it clear that you're after concrit.

  2. Link to, or post, your fic in question. Fics can be completed or WIP, anon or logged-in.

  3. They must be YOUR OWN fic. This should go without saying, but I'm saying it anyway.

  4. Keep in mind that in asking for concrit or a critique of your work, you are opening yourself up for opinions which you may not agree with. Anyone can give concrit, but not all concrit is created equal. Concrit is not flaming, and flaming is not concrit. Concrit is a good thing that helps you become a better writer, but you are free to politely reject any suggestions you may get on this page. Authors and commenters alike will be held equally accountable here.

For Everyone

  1. Keep it civil. You are here to ask or offer assistance, not bully or bash.

  2. When your joint efforts between author and beta yield a polished finished product, please let us know! You can link to a cleaned-up version of of your fic on the Filled Prompts post.

  3. This post is under development and we're just trying it out. If you have suggestions, please feel free to let us know on the Chatter Post

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