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Prompting Post V

Please see the most recent MOD NOTE and ADDENDUM

(updated 5 July)

Welcome everybody. How you got here I have no idea but thank you for coming and welcome again, nonetheless . As you may have gathered this is a Fic Prompting Meme dedicated solely to the hilarious and oh-so-addictive BBC Radio 4 sitcom - Cabin Pressure. I'm aiming for this to be pretty anything goes - but in order for everything to run smoothly, there are a few guidelines. Don't worry - they're not too restrictive.


As you probably all know - our meme now has it's very own database created and maintained by the great Enigel. It both catalogues each and every prompt that we post and provides links to fills. You can find it here: Google Spreadsheet

We also have a Pinboard archive which has been put in place by the lovely [personal profile] oxfordtweed in the place of our late Delicious Archive. This Archive contains a list of all the prompts this meme has to offer - you can find it here: Pinboard Archive

This is a great step forward in making our meme just a little more organised (but not too organised of course. This is Cabin Pressure) which is always a good thing.

So in order to make things easier to archive - Please nest your fills.

This can be done by either posting each part as a reply to that part's immediate predecessor, OR by replying each time to Part I OR - well you get the idea :D

It makes it simpler for Enigel and myself to link fills in a clean and clear manner. Following these guildelines will be very much appreciated guys :D


Reprompting is allowed but please include the URL of the original prompt when you do so. It will make it infinitely more easy to Archive which would make both Enigel and I very happy :)

As for everything else

  1. Be respectful to one another. Disagreements are fine, but not everything disagreeable is trolling. If you suspect someone of trolling, just ignore it. If you cannot respond to a comment without attacking or trolling someone else, keep it to yourself.

  2. No bashing prompts. It might not be your cup of tea - but obviously someone wants it enough to go to the effort of requesting it. So just scroll past it.

  3. Prompt away as much as you like guys - seriously, go wild - but please try to fill as well.

  4. NEW - If your fill includes a major element that veers from the original prompt (crossovers, established universes, kinks, et cetera), please take a few moments to check with the OP that such additions are welcome. This has caused problems in the past and it only takes a few moments of your time.
  5. Please no RPF. I'm not trying to oppress you RPF writers and enthusiasts, I would just really like to avoid any legal problems.

  6. When you post a fill (or post a new part of a WIP) please go over to the Filled Prompts Post (if it is complete) or the WIP Post (if there are still more parts to come) and, following each post's guideline's, post a link to this fill or new part.


According to numerous Child Safety laws it is illegal to provide pornographic material to minors. Seeing that the majority of the stuff we have here is rather adult in nature, this Meme is consequently an 18+ zone. Failing to comply to this rule could result in the Meme getting shut down. So if you're here and you're under 18 please back button now.

+ Please do not post anything regarding minors in a sexual situation. It really doesn't matter how tasteful or crass it is, there are laws that classify that sort of thing as child pornography and as such, I'm afraid we're going to have to go with the attitude that safe is better than sorry.

It really is VERY important that these rules are upheld as the consequences are severe.

Other than that - go crazy guys. Any problems please just message me and I'll try my best to work it out.

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crappy mini fill

(Anonymous) 2012-06-19 04:10 am (UTC)(link)
“You two go get us a table while I deal with this clot,” said Carolyn grumpily as she tugged Arthur to his feet.

“Ah, Mum, I didn't mean to drop all of them!”

“You sure you don't want us to help, Carolyn?”

Carolyn waved Martin away.

“It will only take a moment. Consider this an extra treat on top of the one I'm going to buy you.”

“This is a once in a lifetime sort of mood for her,” said Douglas.

“I expect you two to get us a good table!”

Douglas steered Martin through the bar, making a bee line to the hostess stand.

Martin's eyes widened when he saw who was behind the bar. The bartender didn't notice him at first and Martin tried to slip to the other side of Douglas. The bartender looked up and saw him. He frowned and shook his finger at them.

“Oh no. Get out.”

Douglas looked up and frowned.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh God,” said Martin.

“That's right. Get out.”

Douglas looked thunderous.

“What did you say?”

“I said get out of my bar,” said the bartender flatly.

“Let's just go Douglas. Let's go somewhere else,” Martin begged, pulling him towards the door.

“What?” Douglas looked at the Martin with irritation before turning back to the bartender. “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes, I'm talking to you AND I'm talking to your boy over there. Again.”


But the bartender was talking to Martin. “I told you at the last bar, too, didn't I? None of that where I'm working, you understand? I run respectable establishments.”

Martin's eyes were on the ground and his eyes were wet.

“I'm sorry Billy. Please, just stop. I'm not doing anything wrong, really.”

“Well I don't want you around.” The bartender glared at Douglas. “It's nothing personal, kid, but I don't like the kind of scum you 'work' for.”

“Martin, what is he talking about?” demanded Douglas.

“Please, let's just go.”

Martin was tugging him to the door, and Douglas was startled enough to allow himself to be pulled along. The bartender loomed behind them, arms crossed over his chest.

“I know you have to do what you have to do, kid, but I don't want any of that in here.”

“What is he talking about Martin? Why are you listening to him?”

“He's a smart kid. He doesn't want the cops involved. I suggest you follow his example and leave quietly,” said the bartender. He had a good six inches on Douglas and looked down at him in disdain. Douglas dimly heard Carolyn and Arthur talking as they walked inside.

“What the hell is going on?”

The bartender frowned at Douglas.

“Do I have to spell it out for you? No. Prostitution. In. My. Bar. Now get the hell out!”

Carolyn and Arthur froze, and they all stared at Martin who clenched his fists and looked down at the floor.

When he spoke, it was barely more than a whisper.

“I'm sorry. I'm leaving. Good night.”

He fled out the door, leaving the rest of MJN to stare helplessly at each other.

Re: crappy mini fill

(Anonymous) 2012-06-19 05:15 am (UTC)(link)
Soooooo, there's more, right? I can make you cookies?

Re: crappy mini fill

(Anonymous) 2012-06-19 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
Ooooo! I need moar!
ext_477745: (Default)

Re: crappy mini fill

[identity profile] 2012-06-20 10:25 pm (UTC)(link)
God. I think my heart stop beating for a moment, there.
Don't finish this like that! That's... cruel!

é_è please do more?

Re: crappy mini fill

[identity profile] 2012-06-21 09:14 am (UTC)(link)

You can't stop here! Or maybe you can. :D

Can you please put it in the filled prompt post? :)

Re: crappy mini fill

(Anonymous) 2012-06-21 03:43 pm (UTC)(link)
I both love how short this is and hate it. This isn't crappy in the slightest! You did a great job.