Someone wrote in [personal profile] cabinpres_fic 2012-06-17 06:11 pm (UTC)

WARNING! NON-/DUB-CON, Rape, Ashamed!OP, Long Prompt

(Deergod, I can't believe I'm even writing this down. Okay, deep breath. Here goes.)

Apparently when I get to sleep more than my ordinary 8 hours, I dream very vividly. Very vivid sex dreams that is. Cabin Pressure sex dreams.
The last three nights I've woken up and started to fight with my duvet, before realizing that no, I am not Martin, and I'm not getting raped.

It started in different ways, but it never seems to matter, because it winds with the same scene:
Martin/Me (in this series of dreams we have so far been the same) being tied down by a group of masked people. We're crying, screaming, sometimes even fighting. It never helps. The sound of zippers being pulled down and trousers stepped out of is mingled with aroused grunts, moans and whimpers. After that the shock takes us (me and Martin)up to see from a bird's perspective how the body of Martin gets his clothes ripped off and shredded/burnt before the half-naked people start entering him with fingers, dicks, dildos and strap-ons.At this point we fall down in despair, back to our respective bodies and I wake up fighting my sheets.

So far it has started in three different ways:

1. Martins landlord tells us the rent is due, but we have no money. The landlord smiles a wicked smirk and says that it's fine, but that he had been looking for someone to sub in a BDSM role-play event he's hosting and wouldn't we be delighted to join in?

2. We wake up naked on the floor of a cellar, concrete floor hurts our knees and our hands tied behind our back, our legs are tied together. Unopened beer cans and a very small box of condoms lie near us.
One of the groundsmen had asked us to check something electric, since we already knew a lot from Martin's father, and it would be expensive to call a firm (the groundsman very specifically doesn't say "a profesional" so we decide to help). But instead he had taken us into the abandoned 'Flap and Throttle' place and hit us over the head with a bottle, causing us to pass out.
We only just have time to remember all this before someone starts talking, it's Carl from ATC. "Today we celebrate the vary unofficial Shag Martin day, let's hope it's the first of many. Some of you might still eb unclear as to what we are doing here," he looks around and we see many faces, out of which only a few are familiar enough for us to remember their name, "so I'll tell you a little story. This is Martin," he points at us "an annoying little prick, proud and stiff as if he's got a stick up his ass. Today we intend to teach him a lesson and to have some fun with him. There are some rules, written down somewhere, but that's not too important, now is it Martin? The main thing is that we are going to shag this stuck-up pilot until he can't bother us no more. So let's start with the fun!"

3. Gordon decides that lowering the price he's willing to pay for Gertie is not enough, he also stats paying a low sum of money to Martin/me every time and then taking advantage of us. Basically, we become his prostitute. At first it's only only one time each year, but as we become more desperate for cash (van breaks down, prices go up, etc.) we start calling him requesting more encounters, Gordon tells us that when we call him, we need to make him believe it. For every time he fucks us, he becomes increasingly rough and kinky. In the end of a particularly painful shag, he gives us the lines for next time we call him. "...why don't you bring a friend?" it says.

4. We're driving home after a long day of work, in the beginning of a great forest we get four flat tires. Someone has put nails on the road. When we get out of the van, a big group of people runs out of the forest, attacks and takes us away to a small clearing where hooks hang from the trees.

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