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Festival of Fills II

Greetings! While Prompt Post IV is coming to a close soon, there remain prompts from the previous posts that are looking a bit lonely. Just to make sure some of those brilliant ideas aren't forgotten forever, we're having a little festival to get as many of the posts filled as possible!

Here's how this works:

  1. Find prompts that you like

  2. Fill them!

Only prompts from Parts 1-3 are eligible. You are, of course, still perfectly welcome to fill prompts on Part IV, but they may not be posted here (exception: fills answering reprompts are also eligible and may be announced on this post). You may nominate old prompts here by posting under the Nominations thread and following the same format as when reprompting: link to the original and paste in the prompt. The prompt you nominate doesn't have to be your own. While the prompts that you fill and/or nominate are not required to be un-filled, it is strongly recommended.

When you've done your fill, post it to the appropriate part as you normally would, and then announce it here. This isn't a contest, so participants will not receive anything for their participation, but there is a goal. The goal is to create as many fills as reasonably possible, and will set the bar for the next festival post. Usual meme rules apply, and you may be logged-in or anon, whichever you're more comfortable with.

If you would like to find prompts of a certain subject, the best way to do that is through the Pinboard Index (Post 1 is indexed in its entirety; Post 2 is still being worked on, but it's getting there).

This post officially opens now, and will remain open until 5 June. Last round, we got four fills. Let's see if we can double that!

Happy Filling!

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