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Prompting Post V

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Welcome everybody. How you got here I have no idea but thank you for coming and welcome again, nonetheless . As you may have gathered this is a Fic Prompting Meme dedicated solely to the hilarious and oh-so-addictive BBC Radio 4 sitcom - Cabin Pressure. I'm aiming for this to be pretty anything goes - but in order for everything to run smoothly, there are a few guidelines. Don't worry - they're not too restrictive.


As you probably all know - our meme now has it's very own database created and maintained by the great Enigel. It both catalogues each and every prompt that we post and provides links to fills. You can find it here: Google Spreadsheet

We also have a Pinboard archive which has been put in place by the lovely [personal profile] oxfordtweed in the place of our late Delicious Archive. This Archive contains a list of all the prompts this meme has to offer - you can find it here: Pinboard Archive

This is a great step forward in making our meme just a little more organised (but not too organised of course. This is Cabin Pressure) which is always a good thing.

So in order to make things easier to archive - Please nest your fills.

This can be done by either posting each part as a reply to that part's immediate predecessor, OR by replying each time to Part I OR - well you get the idea :D

It makes it simpler for Enigel and myself to link fills in a clean and clear manner. Following these guildelines will be very much appreciated guys :D


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As for everything else

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  3. Prompt away as much as you like guys - seriously, go wild - but please try to fill as well.

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It really is VERY important that these rules are upheld as the consequences are severe.

Other than that - go crazy guys. Any problems please just message me and I'll try my best to work it out.

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Fill: A Surprising Show Of Competence

(Anonymous) 2012-06-02 07:19 am (UTC)(link)
The problem, Martin knows, is talking. When he talks, he is prone to babbling and waffling and all manner of ridiculous awkwardness. It's this problem that means he so very rarely gets to this point. He's still not sure what convinced Tom to give him a chance - he'd been sure he was starting to lose interest halfway through dinner - but somehow Martin had found himself being invited back to Tom's and well, here they are.

As soon as Martin realises he won't be rejected, he takes the initiative, pressing in for a kiss. He starts off slow, but Tom's hands clench around his arms and pull him close, and Martin deepens the kiss, revelling in the deep moan it draws from Tom. By the time he pulls away, Tom is looking a little stunned and Martin smiles, dropping his head to press open-mouthed kisses to Tom's neck.

"Oh God," Tom murmurs. "It's always the quiet ones."

Martin smirks against his neck and pulls at the buttons of Tom's shirt, stripping him to the waist with quick, efficient motions and dragging his mouth over Tom's muscled chest. He slowly trails his hand down to press against the erection already straining at Tom's trousers, drawing a strangled moan from the other man. 

This sexual confidence had actually come naturally to Martin - which had been as much a surprise to him as it had been to every partner he'd ever had. He simply seemed to know what other people liked, seemed to realise the best places to touch and kiss, the ones that would drive them wild. And he enjoyed the intimacy more than anything - enjoyed not being so alone for just a while.

Tom drags him, with stumbling steps, to the bedroom and Martin strips him with reverent, lingering caresses. He kneels now at Tom's feet, smiling up at him as he presses his mouth to his cock. Tom groans and twists his fingers in Martin's hair as Martin slides his mouth over the head, his tongue teasing the underside.

"Fuck," Tom moans. "You are... amazing."

Martin sucks harder, eagerly taking more of Tom's cock into his mouth. Tom moans again and his fingers tighten in Martin's hair. 

"Oh God, you're too good at that."

Martin pulls off with an obscene slurp, rising to his feet and smiling as Tom struggles to rid him of his clothes as quickly as possible.

"I want to fuck you," Tom whispers, face pressed to Martin's neck. Martin lets out a moan of his own and presses Tom back onto the bed. Tom moves to lay at the head, leaning over and scrabbling in his bedside table to retrieve lube and a condom. Martin climbs up over him and takes both things, holding them to one side as he kisses Tom again, dragging his tongue over his lips. 

With one hand, he flips open the bottle of lube and smears some of it over his fingers. He's already desperate himself and it doesn't take much before he is more than ready. He quickly rolls the condom over Tom's cock and rises up over him, lowering himself onto the other man's cock with one fluid movement. 

"Fuck," Tom groans, grabbing Martin's hips and meeting him on the downstroke. 

Martin begins to ride him in earnest, arching his back and rocking into the movement. This moment is perfect -  a perfect moment of connection - and he can hear Tom's moans growing louder, can feel his fingers clenching against Martin's skin. 

"God yes," Tom gasps. "So good."

Martin wraps a hand around his own cock, tugging in time with his rocking movements. He's not going to last much longer, but judging by Tom's breathless gasps, neither is he. He squeezes his muscles around Tom's cock and suddenly Tom gasps and pushes up into Martin as hard as he can, groaning his completion. Sensation explodes through Martin's body and he arches his back as he loses himself to the moment.

When he comes back to himself, Tom is looking at him with a dazed expression, his thumbs rubbing against the jut of Martin's hips.

"Jesus, that was incredible."

Martin smiles and leans in for a kiss, feeling warm and content and delightfully relaxed. He flops onto his side and curls up next to Tom, who is still breathing heavily and staring at the ceiling in disbelief. He smiles to himself and closes his eyes. He does like to surprise people with his competency from time to time.


Re: Fill: A Surprising Show Of Competence

(Anonymous) 2012-06-02 07:25 am (UTC)(link)
mmm confident, competent Martin is hot :)
branwyn: (Default)

Re: Fill: A Surprising Show Of Competence

[personal profile] branwyn 2012-06-02 07:43 am (UTC)(link)

sequel where tom enthuses about martin's unbelievable skillz to a baffled and disbelieving douglas, plz?

Re: Fill: A Surprising Show Of Competence

[identity profile] 2012-06-02 08:26 am (UTC)(link)
This fill was great :D but seconding the request for Douglas! :D
random_nexus: (GERTI)

Re: Fill: A Surprising Show Of Competence

[personal profile] random_nexus 2012-06-02 08:29 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, this was perfect. Lovely. Awesome.
ext_477745: (Default)

Re: Fill: A Surprising Show Of Competence

[identity profile] 2012-06-02 02:32 pm (UTC)(link)
You've got to admire a confident man in bed. *purrs*
haikitteh: (Art Nouveau Lavandar Lily)

Re: Fill: A Surprising Show Of Competence

[personal profile] haikitteh 2012-06-02 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Mmph! That was really wonderful! Lucky Tom. :D

"It's always the quiet ones" indeed!

Re: Fill: A Surprising Show Of Competence

(Anonymous) 2012-06-02 07:53 pm (UTC)(link)
This was great. I actually liked it just fine with Martin being a confident, proactive bottom to a surprised and very lucky OC!

Re: Fill: A Surprising Show Of Competence

(Anonymous) 2012-06-02 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
OP here

YES! I got a fill! And what a lovely smutty fill it is. mmm...thanks nonnie. :D

I lol'd at "it's always the quiet ones."

Re: Fill: A Surprising Show Of Competence

(Anonymous) 2012-06-03 11:43 am (UTC)(link)
Yay! Glad you liked it. Nonnie is pleased :-)