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Douglas finds himself really lonely and bored now that his third divorce has gone through. He's not quite ready for a new relationship, and one night stands are really not his thing anymore, so he spends most of his evenings at home.

Martin really doesn't have any interests outside aviation, so when he's not flying with MJN or working with his van, he has literally nothing to do with his free time.

Arthur hasn't had much luck in finding a new girlfriend, so spends most evenings playing video games or going online, and the new TV show about pilots is just brilliant!

Carolyn would gladly forget about planes and flying in her free time, thank you very much, but Arthur just wouldn't stop talking about this new TV show he loves and she agreed to watch one episode with him just to get some peace. She told him she didn't like it, but....

They start browsing the internet out of boredom, and there's this new popular TV drama about pilots and it has a fandom... They both get into it and join the fandom, but they feel it's not really something men (and woman) their age should do, so they don't mention it to each other at at all. Until one day they meet online and become BFFs forever or internet boyfriends, in case of certain two pilots and quite the BNFs in the fandom.


Not really a part of the prompt, but the way I see it:

- Martin writes gen fanfiction with very subtle hints of romance. His stories are full of details about planes and aviation, but they're written well and with obvious enthusiasm that makes all the plane stuff actually interesting, so he has many fans.
- Douglas writes fanfiction as well, but he doesn't pay much attention to the aviation part and mostly focuses on romance. He's very popular among the readers because his stories are very romantic and full of grand gestures, but also realistic and it's quite clear they're written by someone with actual live experience, not a 14 year old with wild imagination.
- Arthur gives very insightful concrit, but does it in such a flaily way that makes you feel like the best writer on the planet. He also writes PWPs.
- Carolyn would never admit it, but she's an accomplished fandom lurker who reads more fanfiction than it's healthy.

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