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Re: It's a conspiracy! FILL

[personal profile] pink_dalek 2012-07-30 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
I hope this fill suits. It didn't cover all the aspects of the prompt, but the story had a definite path, and the OCs (and their lovely yarn) kept trying to run off with the story. Yes, I'm a knitter.

The Fitton Ladies' Knitting Guild and Martin Maintenance Society
Summary: from a prompt on the meme: There's a conspiracy of little old ladies in Fitton who look after Martin. Carolyn knows, but she knows better than to mess with them.

They met every other Sunday afternoon after church for a potluck at someone’s home, even though fully half of them hadn’t been to church for years. There was always plenty of good food, good talk, and fantastic yarn. Gwen was working on a shrug with a merino/angora blend, Carol was making a lace shawl with a silk/alpaca blend and Marta’s bamboo/merino with just a touch of cashmere was absolutely heavenly, even if she wasn’t sure what she was going to use it for, and besides, ILoveEwe was having their big autumn yarn sale and it was 25% off. She’d bought that and four skeins of hand-dyed sock yarn (and everyone knows sock yarn doesn’t count as stash).

As the skeins made their way around the table to be caressed and oohed over, Carol held one up to the light. “This shade would look lovely on Martin, don’t you think?” It was one of the sock yarns, lovely maple reds blended with creamy gold and chocolatey browns, from milk chocolate to so dark it makes your tastebuds ache.

“Good luck convincing him you just happened to have a pair of hand-knit socks in his size cluttering round the house,” Susan said with a wry grin. They’d tried that tactic early on, but other than a couple of hats and scarves, the dear boy was too bashful to accept many handknit gifts. They’d counted it a major victory when Marta got him to take that pair of fingerless gloves last winter. He seemed more likely to accept gifts from the older ones than the young uni girls, so anything they made for him was given by way of one of the grandmothers.

They’d started out as a knitting group that met at ILoveEwe every week, then grown into what they jokingly called the Fitton Ladies’ Knitting Guild. They ranged in age from twenty-something Lana and Kate, grad students at the ag college, through thirty-and forty-something working mums and business owners (Gwen, Susan, Maggie, and Carol), up to grandmums Marta, Verna, Viola, and Charlotte. Verna and her twin sister Viola had lived in Fitton for decades, and were involved with the Fitton garden club and both charity shops in town. That was how “The Vees” had come to know Martin Crieff, that dear skinny ginger lad. He was a semi-regular at the charity shops when his meager wardrobe needed supplementing. So polite and soft-spoken, and blushing at a kind word. They’d taken him under their wing, a wing that had eventually grown to include the entire knitting group.

“Who’s giving him the leftovers this time? Lana?”

“I can’t.” Lana lived in the same shared house as Martin. “I’ve done it the last two times and he’s getting suspicious. But he’s got a couple of days off. His next flight isn’t until Wednesday.”

“I’ll do it, then,” Maggie offered. “I need him to deliver a couple of pieces for me. I’ll give him a ring later.” Maggie owned an antiques shop, and had begun hiring Martin for all of her deliveries. He was prompt, conscientious, careful, and polite, which put him far above every other van-man in town. She’d even started keeping a stack of his business card in her shop to recommend him to people who needed things moved, along with one of his flyers on her community bulletin board, tucked among the upholsterer, the furniture repair man, and various seamstresses and quilters.

“How’s he doing for rent this month?” Verna asked. “Is he okay, Lana, or do I need to put in a word with Henry?” Her son, Henry, was Martin’s landlord, and Verna made sure to speak to him on the months when rent might be a bit late.

“He’s fine so far. With the extra work he’s been getting, he’s actually branched out from pot noodles and is putting cheddar on his jacket potatoes.”

“That boy needs more vegetables and fruit,” Charlotte fussed.

“Mark and Harry have been bringing home more than enough from the test farm for all of us,” Lana told them .”Do any of you need any courgettes?”

“No!” was groaned in unison.

“The prof said he’d never seen the vines last this long. He’s predicting courgettes until Guy Fawkes Day at this rate.”

“Will they be selling pie pumpkins from the test farm again this year?” Marta asked.

“Of course. Do you want some?”

“Put me down for two. Making my own pie filling is a bit of a job, but well worth it for the flavor.”

“I’ll tell Harry. Mark’s more likely to forget.”

“Does anyone need more flyers for Icarus Removals?” Susan asked. “I printed off some more at work the other day.”

“I’d better put a fresh one up at the senior center,” Marta said. “They’ve torn all but a couple of phone number strips off of the one that’s there.” Susan handed her one. The rest were divided up among the other women, to be posted on supermarket and community bulletin boards around Fitton. Kate and Lana would put some up around campus. Martin had never figured out why his flyers held up so well, even with business booming, and they planned to keep it that way.

“He did an excellent job repainting my garden shed,” Carol told them. “And what it saved me in nagging Tom was more than worth the cost.”

“I’ll let my neighbors know. They need some painting done,” Viola told them. “And he’s been doing a lovely job looking after my garden, if anyone needs that done.”

“It’s a shame and a scandal that woman doesn’t pay him,” Verna said with soft-spoken venom. “Has the money for a housekeeper for that big house, but can’t see fit to pay the man who flies her aeroplane for her.” Grumbling greeted her comment. Carolyn Knapp-Shappey was a sore point for the group. They were sure a woman who owned a big house and a high-end Mercedes, and paid a full-time housekeeper could find the money to pay Martin if she really put her mind to it. “Martin is just too kind and self-effacing for his own good.”

As four o’clock came, they divided up the leftovers amongst themselves, putting together a nice selection for Martin. Maggie took out her mobile and gave him a call.

“He’ll do my deliveries tomorrow,” she announced afterward. “I’ll give him his leftovers then.”

Tuesday afternoon found Carolyn strolling Fitton’s high street, browsing in the little shops and boutiques. When she came to Magpie’s Antiques and Collectibles, she hesitated. There was a certain group of women in Fitton, she’d learned, who seemed to have it in for her. Susan at the bank had a tendency to close her window and go on break when Carolyn reached the head of the line. At Carol’s Café, she always ended up sitting in the back corner by the kitchen door. Her favorite little clothing shop had a tendency to be out of her size when one or two particular people were working. And she was sure that Maggie put Sold signs on things she especially liked at Magpie. The only thing she knew they all had in common was knitting. One time when Arthur had dragged her into ILoveEwe to pick up a skein of posh yarn for his knitter girlfriend, they’d all been sitting around the big table in the back half of the store, knitting and chatting, a few other women she didn’t recognize sitting with them. Verna and Viola had been there, and they acted like they owned bloody Fitton, she thought. They were precisely the sort of person she didn’t want to be, sitting around knitting, taking classes at the senior center to fill their time.

Sure enough, the moment she’d lingered over a rosewood side table in Magpie’s Antiques and Collectibles, Maggie herself came over with a Sold sign. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “I had someone looking at this earlier, and they just called to say they want to purchase it.”

“It’s scratched anyway,” Carolyn sniffed.

“It’s a hundred years old.”

“Have a nice day,” Maggie muttered under her breath once Carolyn swept from the shop. “ Bloody cow.”

“I know no one’s buying that table,” Carolyn groused to herself when she was back on the pavement. “Bloody cow.”

Carolyn had no idea why the knitting cows seemed to have it in for her. But she knew better than to mess with little old ladies who’d survived the Battle of Britain, and their friends. Especially when those friends tended to have stickers on their cars saying things like:

Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Knitters, for They Carry Pointy Sticks and Know How to Use Them.

Re: It's a conspiracy! FILL

(Anonymous) 2012-07-30 08:36 am (UTC)(link)
So adorable and true. There are theories that the figures of the Fates in several cultures have roles depicted as forms of spinning or weaving because of the same knitting-circle power you've got in here. I'm glad they're helping Martin ;D
fractionallyfoxtrot: (Default)

Re: It's a conspiracy! FILL

[personal profile] fractionallyfoxtrot 2012-07-31 01:17 am (UTC)(link)
Aw, this is the best kind of conspiracy. I love the idea of the knitting guild looking out for Martin. Everyone has to be so creative in their attempts to help him.

Re: It's a conspiracy! FILL

(Anonymous) 2012-07-31 05:23 am (UTC)(link)
OP loves you and this fic

If I found out Carolyn had a full-time housekeeper, I'd stab her with a knitting needle too.

Thank you so much

Re: It's a conspiracy! FILL

[personal profile] pink_dalek 2012-07-31 08:41 am (UTC)(link)
I'm glad you liked it! And that it didn't go too knitterly and yarn-y for you. I'd love to figure out a way for them to afford to hire Gerti for a trip to some huge fiber festival. Douglas and Arthur ending up with knitted hats and scarves and socks, the hold full of yarn for the trip home, Martin finally having to accept a few more knitted gifts.

My personal headcanon is that Carolyn had to get rid of the housekeeper long ago, and now a maid service comes in every couple of weeks, but part of me could see her having a housekeeper and still not paying Martin simply because she's gotten away with it for so long and he doesn't have the confidence to make an issue of it.

Re: It's a conspiracy! FILL

(Anonymous) 2012-08-01 02:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh man, this is great. Like, perf. Seriously I've been hoping against hope that this would get filled.

*knitting socks for this prompt*

Re: It's a conspiracy! FILL

(Anonymous) 2012-08-01 03:00 pm (UTC)(link)
*and a sweater for the fill*