Someone wrote in [personal profile] cabinpres_fic 2012-04-03 07:05 am (UTC)

It's a conspiracy!

(based on a headcanon I posted anon on tumblr)

There is a conspiracy of little old ladies in Fitton determined to take care of Martin whether he wants their help or not.

- they have meetings to arrange when each of them is going to hire him
- they have a potluck the night before so the lady in question has a fridge full of leftovers that she 'couldn't possibly eat before they all turned, please, you'd be doing me a favour taking them'
- one of them is the mother of Martin's landlord (Martin's unaware of this) and makes her son give Martin extensions
- another is plotting to introduce Martin to her granddaughter the next time the dear girl visits
- etc
- Carolyn knows about it but knows better than to say anything (you don't mess with little old ladies, they're evil, have lots of experience and no fear of death or jail)

if possible, Martin never finds out about them, but the others do (except maybe Arthur, he'd think it too brilliant to keep secret)

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