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Cabin Pressure Fic Prompt Post Three

Welcome everybody. How you got here I have no idea but thank you for coming and welcome again, nonetheless . As you may have gathered this is a Fic Prompting Meme dedicated solely to the hilarious and oh-so-addictive BBC Radio 4 sitcom - Cabin Pressure. I'm aiming for this to be pretty anything goes - but in order for everything to run smoothly, there are a few guidelines. Don't worry - they're not too restrictive.


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Douglas/Martin/Arthur threesome

(Anonymous) 2012-02-03 10:41 am (UTC)(link)
With this (not my art) as inspiration, if you need it:

Wouldn't mind it either way if they were in a polyamorous relationship, or Arthur was just a one-time addition to Douglas and Martin's on-going relationship. I just love the image of Martin as the filling to a sandwich of love and lusty fluff; and kisses. I really do love kisses.

(Would prefer no sex pollen, however, everyone in control of themselves, as much as they ever are. ;)
duod: (Default)

Re: Douglas/Martin/Arthur threesome

[personal profile] duod 2012-02-03 06:58 pm (UTC)(link)

(Oh it seems that this picture became some kind of famous, recently... But I still think it's ugly.)

Re: Douglas/Martin/Arthur threesome

(Anonymous) 2012-02-03 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)
May I challenge you to draw a better one, then? *cough* ;)
duod: (Default)

Re: Douglas/Martin/Arthur threesome

[personal profile] duod 2012-02-04 09:30 am (UTC)(link)
I can, but I am the author of this one, so I'll take my time, 'kay?
random_nexus: (GERTI)

Question for OP

[personal profile] random_nexus 2012-02-03 07:23 pm (UTC)(link)
No sex pollen, in control, I get (and agree), but do we mind something relaxing that lets inhibitions down just a bit without making anything dub/non-con?
(e.g. - liquor/fatigue/second-hand not-tobacco smoke, etc)

Re: Question for OP

(Anonymous) 2012-02-03 07:32 pm (UTC)(link)
I am fine with fatigue (even have a bit of a drowsy-sex kink), and really moderate amounts of liquor; not so fine with smoke-thingies. Sorry to be so picky, and thank you for asking! :)

But in the end I guess it mostly depends on how much it's made clear or implied, during or later or whenever, that no one has regrets of the "oh God I'd never have done that if I hadn't consumed [inhibition lowering thing]!" kind :)
random_nexus: (GERTI)

Re: Question for OP

[personal profile] random_nexus 2012-02-03 08:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Ah, the smoke is on the border for me, too, but I just didn't want to have Douglas drink - he's been sober too long, he wouldn't. It's all I could think of. No, no regrets! It's more of providing them an opportunity they normally wouldn't have had to do something all of them end up enjoying.

Okay, thanks.

Well, then, I'm writing the thing. It may be sucktastic, but it sure wants to be written. (I may or may not have written 2k late, late last night while half-asleep. *shifty eyes*)

Re: Question for OP

(Anonymous) 2012-02-03 08:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Eeeeeeee! *flails in a very dignified and Captainy manner* I'm all a-squee for the fill - I'm sure it will be brilliant! :D

Re: Question for OP

[personal profile] random_nexus - 2012-02-04 21:41 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Question for OP

(Anonymous) 2012-02-03 11:08 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: Question for OP

[personal profile] random_nexus - 2012-02-04 21:41 (UTC) - Expand
random_nexus: (GERTI)

Fill: Layover In Amsterdam - 1/5

[personal profile] random_nexus 2012-02-04 09:58 pm (UTC)(link)
I started writing this before the lovely Anonymousie popped the prompt up here, which was only after I asked if there WAS a threesome prompt. The reason I started writing it before is that, the evening I saw that pic reference in the prompt (amongst others) and the posties (In particular, this one 'Hoping for a steamy threesome.') I had a dream of Douglas, Martin, and Arthur in Amsterdam, having a threesome (actually starting out as a foursome). I tuned it some after a bit of back & forth with the OP, but it still is pretty much that dream I had. So... well, here we are. I hope it's at least in the ballpark enough that folks can enjoy it. (This is what comes of starting the fic before the prompt. *snirk* Shame on me!)

Note: Foursome, threesome, het, slash, romanticised sexual situations, probably shouldn't try this at home. ;)
The Night Before…
Douglas, Martin, and Arthur were in Amsterdam for a two-day layover awaiting the pleasure of a rich group of city boys. The three of them—Douglas, Martin, and Arthur—went to a tiny, dimly-lit nightclub that one of the passengers had told Arthur he ‘simply had to see’ where they enjoyed a surprisingly excellent, if odd, music performance on a ridiculously small stage. The cigarette smoke had been liberally laced with another kind of smoke, and in the relatively short time it took Arthur to fetch their drinks from the bartender, he was already grinning more than usual and his words occasionally trailing off into random giggles. Douglas tasted his drink cautiously, finding it was tonic water and lime, as he’d asked, and Martin complained a little about having got the wrong kind of beer, but Arthur’s pineapple juice pleased him entirely.

The place was so crowded that every single booth was full, as well as the small tables, and Douglas, at least, wasn’t surprised when the young woman with a head of wild dark curls and pretty green eyes had asked in heavily-accented English if she could share their booth. Martin stammered and blushed, Arthur welcomed her cheerily while budging over at once, and Douglas gave his best sky-god smile and made introductions; her name was Anja Vos. In shouted spates of conversation involving many stops to sort out proper words, Anja told them that she admired their uniforms and had always wanted to fly. Douglas didn’t ever manage to get entirely clear on whether she meant as a pilot or like a bird. It was a long, convoluted, international conversation, including Anja’s Dutch and fairly good German, her smattering of French and mediocre English; Douglas’ fluent French, non-existent Dutch, and his smattering of German; Martin’s non-existent Dutch, his burgeoning French from very recently-begun lesson CDs, and a smattering of moderately good German; and Arthur’s non-existent Dutch, German, and his barely-existent French. Arthur’s pantomimed gestures were a little more effective than silence, but were of more comedic value than truly useful.

As a consequence of this bizarre language patchwork, they ended far, far too many subjects in laughter and head shaking, but Anja was subtly cute, nicely curvy, and delightfully clever—it showed when they hit a good linguistic patch—and though Douglas genuinely expected her to give them all a pleasant goodbye at the end of the evening, he still kept watching to see if she showed any definite attraction to any of the three of MJN’s finest. Well, only, but why pick nits? However, she seemed happy to exchange clever repartee with Douglas, giggle and make badly-mangled jokes with Arthur, and talk about planes and flying with Martin, including the architecture of bird’s wings as opposed to aeroplane wings. More than once, she complimented Douglas and Martin on their ‘beautiful voices’ and Arthur on his ‘sweet laughter’ and she was using ‘brilliant’ with Arthur’s exact cadence and unabated enthusiasm before the second round of drinks. Douglas was tempted, if only for the remembered camaraderie, but a decade of sobriety wasn’t so easily put aside.

It was peculiar, but really the most fun Douglas could remember having in a long time; certainly since his divorce from Helena. Anja bought them all a fourth round after each of the MJN crew had been up to the bar, and she lit up a little hand-rolled cigarette after asking if they minded—honestly, Douglas wasn’t bothered, but it was clear Martin and Arthur would have agreed to anything the girl had asked, even if they had—and Martin might have looked mildly troubled briefly, but he didn’t say a thing against it and Arthur only turned a little pinker around the edges and laughed even more. Douglas rather enjoyed the relaxed, swimmy feeling that was very like a really good drink or three might provide, and though he declined partaking, they were all getting quite a slight bit of an effect from the ‘second-hand smoke’, even so. All of them laughed often and long—Douglas would deny any giggling if it came up—in fact, Martin and Arthur chortled and giggled like schoolboys.

Eventually Anja asked them how long they were staying and where. At the mention of their two day layover and hotel—near the airport and cheap, theirs and Carolyn’s requirements—Anja waved her hands and squealed in rapid Dutch before slowing down and explaining in halting English, interspersed with French and German, that she lived right around the corner from their hotel and they absolutely must escort her home and then meet up for breakfast in the morning. She was having so much fun, she insisted repeatedly; they were ‘her handsome pilots’ and ‘her sweet dapper gentlemen’ and she couldn’t bear to not see them again before they left Amsterdam. By the time they all agreed it was late and really time to go. All three of the MJN crewmembers needed some sleep after their long flight and this very long—but quite fun—evening.

Re: Fill: Layover In Amsterdam - 1/5

(Anonymous) 2012-02-04 10:03 pm (UTC)(link)
I like where you're going with this. Do please continue ;D
random_nexus: (GERTI)

Re: Fill: Layover In Amsterdam - 1/5

[personal profile] random_nexus 2012-02-04 10:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks! Onward it is!
random_nexus: (GERTI)

Fill: Layover In Amsterdam - 2/5

[personal profile] random_nexus 2012-02-04 10:06 pm (UTC)(link)
If asked, Douglas couldn’t have said exactly how or when the decision to invite Anja up to their room had occurred, but she had clucked over the too small room, waving her graceful little hands and shaking her curly head in shock and shame. She insisted in multiple languages that such ‘handsome, sweet gentlemen’ should have better! Next thing they knew, she was dragging them down to the concierge and, in rapid Dutch none of them could follow, apparently bullied, shamed, or cajoled the middle-aged man—who apparently knew her well enough to confirm that she was from that neighbourhood—into giving Douglas, Martin, and Arthur a bigger room. In fact, Douglas suspected it may have been the best room in the rather run-down little hotel.

Blurry from fatigue, though perhaps as much from the incense and musk of the smoke he’d been inhaling most of the evening, Douglas missed what led up to Anja kissing Martin, though the blush spreading across the young man’s face was spectacular. When Douglas rose, thinking to perhaps take a walk to give them some privacy, and take Arthur with him, if he could get Arthur’s attention—GERTI’s cabin steward was watching Martin and Anja kiss like it was a feature film and he in the front row—Anja broke away, keeping hold of Martin’s lapel and catching Douglas’ hand, keeping him from going while leaning in to whisper something in Martin’s ear that Douglas couldn’t hear. Martin shook his head, a bit of his Anja-ruffled ginger fringe falling over one green-gray eye, and before Douglas could question, he was pulled against Anja’s warm curves and given quite a lovely kiss. Opening his eyes afterward, he caught Martin’s gaze, finding the beginnings of puzzlement and a bit of dismay, but no distaste.

Anja made soft tsk-tsk-tsk noises at Martin, teasing him with a smile and a little nibble of his full lower lip. Douglas stood there, a bit stunned, apparently quite a bit higher than he’d thought, and watched with far more interest than he would have previously admitted to. Anja petted Martin while kissing Douglas again, and then her soft fingers caressed Douglas’ cheek while she kissed Martin. Douglas found his hand on Anja’s left hip, seeing that Martin’s rested on her right, their fingertips nearly meeting at the small of her back.

While their kisses grew closer together, the two men pulled closer to the young woman by her hands and their own interest, Arthur made a little sound like a strangled gasping giggle, and the sound of him slapping his hand—literally—over his mouth was loud in the room. When Douglas, Martin, and Anja turned to look at him in varying shades of surprise, it was a wide-eyed Arthur that looked back at them, bright pink and clearly struggling with amusement and amazement.

Anja beckoned him over, nodded smilingly when he shook his head in disbelief, and soon she had all three of them in her orbit, kissing Douglas with increasing passion, Martin sweetly and lushly, and decorating Arthur’s face and mouth with little otter kisses and nibbles that kept him torn between happy little sighs and breathy giggles.

Between one thing and another, blurred and broken with phrases in multiple languages and the dancing green eyes and delighted smiles of their new friend, Anja somehow got them all upon the bed together, kissing and cuddling, shedding clothes in lazy fashion; nothing immediate, nothing hurried. Douglas had been to some wild parties in his younger days—a few in his not all that much younger days, actually—he’d been ‘around the block’ as it were, but he couldn’t remember ever being so sweetly and skillfully seduced. Anja made suggestions, teased, whispered, and tickled; somehow this stranger to them all managed to figure out what Douglas, himself hadn’t known; Martin was as bisexual as Douglas, himself, and Arthur was… well, it seemed Arthur was, as he put it ‘I dunno, anything-sexual, I guess, because it all feels really, really brilliant, doesn’t it?’

Douglas had no real argument with that, because they proceeded to prove Arthur very, very right. It did, all of it, feel really, really brilliant.

Anja proved flexible and inventive, Martin proved to be rather better endowed than Douglas had expected and shy enough to be hesitant until encouraged, Arthur proved to be positively gifted when it came to using his mouth and not really shy at all once he got comfortable. Not ten minutes after Douglas brought Anja to a breathless burst of muffled sounds with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and Martin’s cock in her mouth, Arthur went from cuddling to kissing his way down her body to making her cry out in gasping, quavering Dutch that dissolved into breathless giggles.

Afterward they cuddled in a lazy pile sharing a tube of biscuits Arthur had stashed in his bag and some wine Douglas had intended to trade off to a friend in Zurich. Somewhere amidst crumby kisses with Anja, while she and the other two men shared sips of wine, Douglas turned his head and was sharing a long, warm, very delectable kiss with Martin. He was mildly surprised at how good the kiss was and Martin had blushed afresh, his lifted dark-ginger brows and widened eyes asking if it was alright. Anja had been busy kissing Arthur at that moment, so Douglas had merely smiled reassuringly and kissed the younger man until he was making soft sounds of pleasure in the back of his throat.

The others got increasingly tipsy on the wine, increasingly generous with hands and mouths, and then it was Anja and Arthur suggesting new things—Arthur coined the term ‘people puzzles’ and both Martin and Anja fell to giggling like loons over it—but Douglas, despite being the most sober, didn’t balk at anything. Like hell! How often did such things happen? More often to Douglas Richardson than, say, Martin Crieff or Arthur Shappey, surely, but he didn’t want to ruin the fun; and it was, terribly fun. He hadn’t laughed so much—or fucked so much—in decades. After another go-round, Douglas last remembered having trouble keeping his eyes open while Anja and Arthur were cuddled up against either side of him kissing each other over his chest, and Martin was spooned behind Anja.
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Fill: Layover In Amsterdam - 3/5

[personal profile] random_nexus 2012-02-04 10:15 pm (UTC)(link)
The Morning After…
Douglas drifted slowly awake to the sensation of the bed rocking rhythmically. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, but as he rose further out of sleep and closer to true consciousness—a thing he had not had to work so hard at doing for a decade or so now—he was aware of noises. Soft noises, like… yes, very like moans. Then a murmuring voice that Douglas recognised only after another few moments, vaguely. Arthur.

It was at that moment Douglas became aware he had a pillow over his head. Good Lord, but he was sluggish. Pulling the pillow aside, he was suddenly able to much more clearly hear that Arthur was murmuring, “Ah, yeah, Skip…mmmssso good.”

At the same time, a low, rough baritone was moaning with muffled words interspersed. “Oh… oh… yes, hold my leg there… there, oh, that’s it… yes… oh, oh, oh!” Martin? Yes, definitely; Douglas remembered how Martin had sounded… last night. No wonder Douglas felt so lethargic!

Blinking the matter out of his eyes, Douglas lifted his head to find the vaguely-familiar hotel room around him lit by what he was fairly certain was very early morning light. He didn’t have a hangover, even after a decade one didn’t forget what that felt like. Even so, without seeing a clock, he couldn’t have had more than three hours sleep, and that a kind estimate, because he never woke this thrashed, even on extreme jet-lag. However, after a night of questionable second-hand smoke and debauchery? That made more sense. He would no doubt ache as the day went on, but he couldn’t mind, really.

“Can I go faster now, Skip?” Arthur asked, still barely above a whisper; though he sounded a little breathier than his usual speaking voice.

“Yesss, yes, yes…” rumbled Martin—yes, it was Martin, who seemed too small for the deep, resonant voice he so rarely made full use of—and he sounded so… the only term that fit was ‘sexy’, really. Rough-edged and deeper than usual, every word on the cusp of a moan, blending into an actual moan in between the smatterings of words. The night before, Douglas had been pleasantly surprised at how very erotic Martin’s voice could sound when he forgot to be nervous. “Do it, Arthur… Oh, oh, oh, yes, yes!” The rocking of the bed grew faster and Douglas rolled over slowly, not wanting to make the other two stop what they were doing. Clearly, their attempts, poor as they were, to be quiet could only be misguided attempts to avoid waking Douglas. Upon seeing them in the thin blue-tinged light of dawn, Douglas didn’t mind a bit.

Martin was entirely naked, skin creamy pale and lightly freckled here and there, lying on his side with both arms wrapped tightly about a pillow that he seemed to occasionally be burying his face in; his partially erect cock just about the same vividly-flushed pink as his face. Behind him was Arthur, wearing Martin’s hat and nothing else but a rather leery-edged grin, who was holding Martin’s uppermost leg up and out while pumping into his arse with enthusiastic thrusts that were rocking the huge hotel bed. There was no sign of Anja.

Leaning closer to nuzzle into the bend of Martin’s neck where it met his shoulder, Arthur murmured, “How’s that, Skip?” He then mouthed at Martin’s neck, nipping and licking.

“It’s good, oh so… it’s… yes… OH!” Martin’s rumbling, semi-coherent words turned louder at the end when Arthur’s teeth caught a pinch of that fair skin.

Arthur’s little chuckle was full of delight while being just a bit more wicked than really ought to be possible at the same time. “I remembered how you liked that last night. This is… mmm… brilliant…”

“No, it’s… it’s… Ohhhh!” Martin’s lips formed a nearly perfect oval as Arthur pulled him back while moving a little more vigorously, clearly hitting him just right. Apparently that combined with the nibbling was making Martin exceedingly happy.

“I know… fucking brilliant, right?” Giggling immediately afterward, as he always seemed to do when he used actual profanity, Arthur was smiling as he bent his head to Martin’s neck and shoulder again, never stopping the vigorous movements of his hips.

“Yes! It’s f-f-fucking brilliannnntoooohhhh, yes, ymmmffffff!” The rest was shouted into the pillow.

Douglas enjoyed a rather sudden and visceral reaction of greater arousal, surprised that he had the energy, really. He leaned up on one elbow, getting Arthur’s attention, who looked up from where he’d been sucking another mark into Martin’s pale skin—their Captain had easily a dozen in various places already—and he slowed his movements as he parted his lips, but Douglas spoke before he could.

“Don’t stop, Arthur, it’s alright. Go back to what you were doing.” He smiled, perhaps more of a leer, when Martin’s eyes popped open over the top of the pillow. “May I?” Douglas added, glancing pointedly at Martin’s not-quite fully hard cock. At the question, it twitched and stiffened a bit more.

“Yes, p-pleasse… mmmnnnggg!” Martin was derailed mid-sentence by Arthur’s doing as instructed and going back to doing an apparently brilliant job of buggering Martin.

Leaning forward, grasping Martin’s cock, Douglas found the head slick with pre-ejaculate and guessed perhaps it had been harder previously. Guiding it out away from the fine line of ginger fuzz leading down from Martin’s navel, Douglas let the movements initiated by Arthur’s steady thrusts push Martin’s cock into his mouth.

The deep, groaning, wordless sound that Martin made into the pillow as Douglas cradled the head of his cock along his tongue was delicious.

“Good idea, Douglas,” Arthur approved, still breathless, and rubbed his face against Martin’s shoulder toward his neck, asking softly, “Martin? Could you do the hair thing?”

“Hair…y-yesssmmmnng… Douglasss, tha…th… ohhh!” Martin, bless him, couldn’t complete a sentence to save his life once he was getting near orgasm—Douglas had heard plenty of proof during the evening before—and he had to fight a grin as he got over half of Martin’s hot, now completely-erect prick past his lips and then sucked firmly while letting it slide out again. When he glanced up again, Martin had let go of the pillow with his uppermost hand and reached back to grip a handful of Arthur’s hair at the back of his head. Martin’s captain hat had gone, likely fallen off of Arthur at the far side of the bed.
random_nexus: (GERTI)

Fill: Layover In Amsterdam - 4/5

[personal profile] random_nexus 2012-02-04 10:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Arthur moaned an enthusiastic, “That’s it!” He then buried his face in Martin’s neck and concentrated on, apparently, driving Martin completely incoherent. Douglas was more than happy to help, remembering the trick of a good blowjob fairly quickly. He cupped Martin’s balls and massaged them as he continued to let Martin’s movements push him in and out of Douglas’ mouth, bringing another wonderful throaty, wordless groan. The sound curled down in his gut and only increased his interest, which was greater than he would have expected, given the night they’d already had. For several minutes he concentrated on the task at hand, enjoying himself, one hand cupping himself and stroking in half-time to the slip and slide of Martin’s cock past his lips.

“Yes, I’m… oh, Skip, I’m gonna… gonna… ahhhh!” Arthur’s movements went erratic, harder for a few quicker pushes, and then he just kept moving slowly, while Martin’s sound increased and then settled to a steady, deep series of groaning ‘Ohhh’s.

Douglas took advantage of the slower movements and worked a little harder, swallowing Martin as deep as he could go and running spit-slick fingers behind Martin’s balls to massage his perineum. It only took a few more moments and hitting just the right spot and pressure; and then Martin all but shouted a single, long, loud ‘OH!’ and came down Douglas’ throat.

Martin went limp, half draped back over Arthur, who was humming softly under each breath with afterglow. “Thank you, Douglas,” rumbled Martin, voice at the lower end of his baritone, sounding slow and sated.

“I’ve always enjoyed seeing a job well done,” Douglas replied, lying back into his pillow and continuing to stroke himself.

Arthur giggled quietly, lifting his head from what seemed his favourite spot—Martin’s neck—and eyed Douglas over Martin’s limp form. “You alright, Douglas?”

“Quite, actually,” he replied as he considered whether or not he really needed to get off, because he was still rather tired, but with the taste of Martin in his mouth, the smell of sex heavy in the air, he didn’t want to let the feeling go. “When did… Anja leave?” Sighing as he felt a lovely rolling surge of deeper arousal, he glanced over at Martin’s lean but surprisingly fit body—being a ‘man with a van’ had some benefits other than the money—and caught Arthur watching him while petting Martin’s hair.

“Not very long ago. She kissed us all, but you were really sleeping hard,” Arthur explained. “We’re supposed to meet her for lunch instead of breakfast, at the…. Um… she wrote it down.” He gestured vaguely toward the credenza across the room.

“That’s fine, Arthur.” Remembering how it felt to have both Anja and Martin straddling him, Douglas replayed Anja’s hot, wet movements around him, along with the memory of Martin behind her; it had been strangely arousing to feel Martin moving inside her at the same time—Anja had enjoyed it with obvious enthusiasm—and Douglas closed his eyes, hand moving with a little more energy on his cock.

The bed shifted, a low, muttering grumble in Martin’s register brought Douglas’ eyes open to see Arthur settling a nearly-asleep Martin onto the pillow he still held. Easing the condom off of his softening prick, Arthur tossed it in the rubbish bin by the side of the bed before padding to the bathroom. After the sound of water running for a minute or so, he returned with a washcloth and shushed Martin’s blurry querying noise when he felt Arthur wiping him down. It was rather sweet, really, and Douglas wasn’t entirely surprised.

A few moments later, Arthur was back again, clambering over a once-again sleeping Martin’s legs to kneel between him and Douglas. “Do you need some help, Douglas?”

“Not particularly,” Douglas replied, thinking Arthur might be tired, too, and only offering because he was Arthur and that was how Arthurs were.

“I’d like to,” Arthur said softly, looking hopeful. “Sometimes it’s more fun when you’re all stiff and wanty if someone else helps, because then you can relax and just enjoy it.”

Douglas smiled. “That’s true, sometimes.” It was amusing to watch Arthur’s sleepy-lidded eyes tracking Douglas’ hand as he slowly stroked himself.

“Of course that’s the same for girls, though they don’t get stiff… not in the same way, anyhow,” Arthur mused, licking his lips in what was obviously an unconscious gesture—Douglas should have suspected Arthur would be a bit orally-focused, given how very much he enjoyed flavours and food textures—and the younger man started talking again in a little spurt, as if he’d realised his words had run down and was trying to catch up with himself. “Girls do, though, get a little swelly, some of them… their clitoris is like a teeny tiny willy, you know? Oh, well, of course you’d know, Douglas. Although, Libbet’s isn’t all that tiny, it’s like—”

“Arthur,” Douglas interrupted, torn between annoyance and amusement—often the case with Arthur. “If you really want to help, that would be nice.” He couldn’t mistake the slightly-sleepy grin that spread across Arthur’s face as he immediately moved closer to Douglas.

“Can I snuggle in between your legs?” Even though he asked, Arthur was already moving into that position.

“However you like.” Douglas spread his legs, moving his hands out of the way as Arthur wriggled into place, arms over Douglas’ thighs. As the enthusiastic younger man was getting into place, Douglas took a moment to reset his watch for eleven. “I presume Anja said noon?”

Arthur was already scooping one hand under Douglas’ cock, his hand warm and soft, and he paused in the act of bending his head to glance back up and nod. “She said ‘midday’. That’s noon. Martin told her we’d be there. Ohh, Douglas, you and Martin both have such nice willies. Martin’s is longer, but yours is a little thicker.”

“I’m so glad you approve,” drawled Douglas as Arthur’s breath tickled his very-interested-now ‘willy’.

“Oh, I do!” Arthur assured him, and then slid his mouth down and down over Douglas’ cock with a happy humming sound.

Re: Fill: Layover In Amsterdam - 5/5

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Re: Fill: Layover In Amsterdam - 5/5

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Re: Fill: Layover In Amsterdam - 5/5

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ART FILL : Re: Douglas/Martin/Arthur threesome

(Anonymous) 2012-02-17 05:54 pm (UTC)(link)
I stumbled accross something I drew weeks ago -
It's not half as good as the Random's wonderful fic or Duod's great art but I thought you might enjoy it anway :)


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I'm not sure why, given the fic that inspired it, but for some odd reason I wasn't expecting the rampant cocks! XD

But whoa, it was good! I love Arthur's happy grin and his ears (OMG so cute!), and the jaunty addition of Martin's cap to his head, and the freckles over Martin's shoulders, and the way he's clutching at the pillow, and the vulnerable-but-strangely-wonderful crease of his stomach, and the soft, appreciative look that Douglas has while watching them. It may be "only" a pencil sketch but you've got a lovely knack for the line of their bodies, and all the little details illustrate their characters really well. Beautiful!

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hahaha, woops! That's the thing with art though, sometimes there is no way to gloze over things. Well, there is a way, but it is like you pointed out - I am actually trying to figure out how bodies work and there simply is no better way to do that than draw naked people. And then, ah, my mind wanders off and suddenly! gay porn! woops.

Thanks for the reply, it means a lot to me to know whether people like it and why they do!!! <3 :)
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OMG! This is so fun! \o/ *flaily* You totally did the scene with them in bed the next morning - yes!

Could I, would you mind, if I posted this as a related thing to the fic on AO3? I know you're all anon here and it's okay to say no, of course, but this is just so cooooool! <3

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Yeaaah, can't believe I drew it myself. Especially Arthur. I mean, Arthur To me, sex has barely crossed his mind. Damn your fic! :D

I was going to say "yes, if you update Not precisely Fitton", but then you did!!! If you could just keep my name anon and maybe direct to the
Photobucket link rather than post the image, so that I can take it down if I suddenly feel uncomfortable with it. My safety net ;)

Also, I am very flattered you like it! :D :D
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Hee hee! I have obviously psychically predicted that would be your condition! *giggle*
Well, you're anonymous to me, so there's no way I can make you anything but, so that part's easy. Will linky to the photobucket, that's fine. I get that many folks aren't comfy having their adult-themed works out in the world, though I'm perhaps biased here *wink/grin* so I have no problem working with you on this.

I dooo like it!

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Posted at the end of the fic!
Layover In Amsterdam with art - on AO3

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My respect. It's awesome.
(Sorry, but you misspelled "awful" in describing my art. Surely, you couldn't mean "great" :) )

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Oh, oops yes, sorry. I meant "awfully great".
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*fans self*

Oh, my! Very nice!