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Martin Bullied By Old Classmate - Crew Come To His Defence FILL II

Prompt: Could I have a fic where one of Martin's classmates - turned multi-million-pound-earning businessman is in need of MJN Air's transport services.

All's well until the man finally arrives, and recognizes Martin. The flight goes without a hitch but once they land - he insists he take them all out to dinner. Carolyn - seeing an opportunity to save money on food for her crew (she's a mother, they all know how much dinner adds up in the end :D) and agrees for all of them.

That's when the man turns vicious. Belittling Martin, going on and on about how nobody in their school really liked him all that much - how they all thought he'd just spend the rest of his days working as a plumber with his dad.

And Martin just takes it all.

But the others don't. I want Carolyn and Douglas and yes - even Arthur to go BAMF on the bastard and make Martin realize that he actually does have people that care about him.

And if you want to add sexy times afterward (I don't know how, but if you can work it) I sure wouldn't mind all that much at all. But please don't feel that this is an obligation. All I need is the hurt/comfort - because I'm sort of a slut that way :D


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