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Filled Prompts Post

Cabin Pressure Filled Prompts Post

Ladies and Gentlmen - welcome to the Flap and Throttle The Hydrant and Hose The Filled Prompts Post.

Here is the place you notify the meme and all its inhabitants of the existance of your completed fill. You do so - like this:

  1. Click the link to Post a new comment

  2. Write a very brief summary in the subject line - basically who's involved/pairing and/or what's going on eg.
    • Martin/Douglas - Snuggling

    • MJN Crew Go Spelunking

    • Birthday Fic

    • Etc

  3. In the Comment itself - either copy and paste the original prompt (like I have done) or include a link to said Original prompt

  4. Finally - Paste a link to your fill

If you are writing a fill but have not yet completed it - please do not post a notice here until you have. Until then - those sort of notices go in the WIP Post.

Please don't group all of your fills together.

The design here is one comment for each prompt rather than one comment for each author/artist/etc.

Alright - I think that's it for now. You guys keep having fun and please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any questions and I'll do my best to help you out :)

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[personal profile] arch_calzen 2013-01-03 01:06 am (UTC)(link)
I continue to spam with my stupid fills, sorryy :D

Martin after being rescued from a hostage/kidnapping situation, covered in a blanket *shock or otherwise* and being led to an ambulance by Douglas.


Douglas's older daughter attempts to seduce Martin.

(Anonymous) 2013-01-03 06:15 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Douglas turns out to have another older daughter who he has a difficult relationship with. Late teenage or early 20s. After a row with her mum (or some such) she moves in with Douglas and then sets out to seduce her dad's boss just to piss him off. How does Martin react? Up to you if Douglas gets all jealous and grabs Martin for himself, or Martin is horrifed and keeps trying to get rid of her, or Martin grabs the opportunity with both hands.


Martin/Richard Brook

(Anonymous) 2013-01-03 12:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Martin/Richard Brook

I don't care how. Just make it happen.

Fill and prompt:
klara_blum: (Default)

Douglas accompanies Martin to family funeral

[personal profile] klara_blum 2013-01-03 08:42 pm (UTC)(link)
(minor character(s) death, obviously)

Someone in Martin's family has died, and it is a great shock for him for Reasons. Martin is afraid to go on his own, so he asks the closest-to-friend person he has to go with him for moral support (because he is scared to face his family? or to face the fact that [someone] has died?)

- Bonus for eventual D/M
- Another bonus if martin's family is hostile, and Douglas goes BAMF
- Another another bonus if the ones who passed away are Caitlin and Simon. Maybe a car crash? Yes, I remember that fill, it was awesome
- Another another another bonus if Martin is really hesitant to ask Douglas. The more awkwardly this happens, the better.
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Awkward grooming

[personal profile] c3mf 2013-01-07 12:41 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Five times the MJN crew performed awkward minor grooming* on each other and one time it wasn't awkward at all.

*-Tie straightening, lint removal, hairstyle revisions, "there's something on your face let me get that" etc.

Original thread:

Also posted on:

random_nexus: (C&H - What Did I Just Read?)

Errant Comment Fill

[personal profile] random_nexus 2013-01-07 03:37 am (UTC)(link)
Errant Prompt: OP here. Best. Thing. Ever.

Fill: "OP here. Best. Thing. Ever."

(Such clever titling there, eh?)

(Anonymous) 2013-01-08 10:33 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Ex-Arthur/Martin - they've been together for a while, but even though Arthur still thinks Skipper is brilliant, he just isn't interested in being with him "like that" anymore.

Douglas is dithering between a sardonic "I told you so" and comforting Martin the only way he can think of. (Although I'm not sure what that is - it could be sex, or it could be letting him win one of their games...)

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Fantasy/Magical Realism AU

[personal profile] princesscocoa 2013-01-09 06:16 am (UTC)(link)
I was bored and curious one night and wrote a fic that will never see the light of day, because it was basically a campy "what-if" crossover between CP and an original story of mine. But I wrote this one paragraph half-asleep and I'm in love with it, so your prompt is to take it and run. Gen, please!

The excerpt can be found here:


Errant Comment

(Anonymous) 2013-01-09 06:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Errant Comment (quote from the fill):
There, in two-inch-high letters, thick and blocky like an official CAA rubber stamp, is the word “failure.”


Re: Errant Comment

(Anonymous) 2013-01-10 06:32 pm (UTC)(link)
And here's a link to the original thread:

Happy Sub!Herc

[personal profile] escapedsnake911 2013-01-12 09:01 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Give me a little kink fluff.

A happy sub with their head resting on their Dom's lap, while their Dom lovingly pets their hair.


Martin/Douglas: Douglas wakes Martin up with a blowjob without discussing it with him first

(Anonymous) 2013-01-14 07:37 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: What I want is a Douglas and Martin in a new relationship, and Duglas trying very hard to show off. At one point, maybe during their first night sleeping together in the same bed, Douglas decides to be sexy and wake Martin up with a blowjob.

However, instead of being pleased, Martin flips his shit out. Why? Well, because they had never discussed that beforehand, so Martin had never consented to it, and waking up with Douglas's mouth on his penis made him feel raped, not aroused.

Give me the aftermath, Martin losing whatever trust he had in Douglas and taking a long time to forgive him and allow him that close again. Lots of h/c and Douglas grovelling (in his own Douglas way), please!

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A/M or A&M Dialogue Prompt

[personal profile] fractionallyfoxtrot 2013-01-15 03:05 pm (UTC)(link)

"I can't imagine life without you, Skip. I don't want to imagine it."

Fill: Our Captain, My Captain (A/M)

Herc's Father and Family

[personal profile] straydog733 2013-01-16 12:51 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: I'd like some fic involving Herc's family. Are his brothers, Wellington and Harrier, pilots as well? Is his sister Sarah jealous that she is the only one not named after a plane? What about his father, a man so eccentric as to name his sons after aircraft (an older Martin if I ever heard one)?

Just anything involving the people Herc grew up with, the ones who shaped him into the sky god he is today.

Fill: Come Fly the Familial Skies

First Marriages

[personal profile] straydog733 2013-01-16 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: I'd like something with Carolyn's first husband, the guy before Gordon.

(It turned into an examination of all of the first marriages from the CP multiple divorcees)

Fill: Wrong But Romantic

Carolyn's reference letter for Martin

(Anonymous) 2013-01-16 11:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: what would Carolyn's reference letter for Martin look like?


(Anonymous) 2013-01-17 11:54 am (UTC)(link)
Spoilers for Uskerty:

Prompt:Martin lives in a student house for the local agricultural college, and now owns a goose, or as it quickly becomes known, the Terror of Parkside Terrace. Adventures in goose ownership that do not end badly for the goose or Martin, please.


Thor/Avengers Crossover

(Anonymous) 2013-01-17 05:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt : Arthur finds Thor's hammer, and he can pick it up and wield it.

fill :

Mr Birling dies and leaves MJN all his money

(Anonymous) 2013-01-17 08:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: MJN discovers that Mr Birling has died...and left them all his money in one last dig at his wife!


Arthur has his passport photo taken

(Anonymous) 2013-01-18 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Arthur has problems getting a passport photo. Because you aren't allowed to smile for official passport photos...

Fill: Here. (

Herc/Carolyn, Spoilers for Uskerty

[personal profile] straydog733 2013-01-18 06:47 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: The reason that Carolyn is going to such lengths to torment Herc is because he said he loved her. It messed up their dynamic and now he must pay.

Fill: Fault

Martin used to be Marlene

(Anonymous) 2013-01-18 10:53 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Martin is a FtM, and everyone in his family approved except his mother. She hated Martin and Martin's dad. When he died she couldn't get remarried fast enough. This whole time she's working her way through rich, influential men the way Hercules Shipwright and Douglas are working through beautiful women.
Husband #3 is an Important Client on MJN's list, and he brings his wife along for the trip. Martin doesn't recognize her name, but she sure recognizes Martin.
tl;dr: Supportive and BAMF cabin crew defending FtM Martin to his horrible mother please! Especially Arthur.
+Bonus if you can make Arthur's argument on behalf of Skipper's choice is that "Skip's brilliant!"
++Double Bonus if Arthur explains 'Skip's brilliant' no matter who he wants to be because he's always the same person inside.
+++Triple Bonus if Carolyn tells her to get off her jet and Martin's mother gathers her skirts and huffily leaves, thinking it was just a bluff. And Carolyn doesn't even care that the Important Client won't come back, because nothing is more important than the crew.


Douglas's Birthday

[personal profile] linguini17 2013-01-20 05:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt and Fill:

"It's Douglas's birthday and he's thinks he's going to be spending it alone, lonely and miserable with just his piano for company, like he has every birthday since Helena left. He's wrong."

Alien Arthur Announces the Invasion

[personal profile] straydog733 2013-01-20 08:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Aliens invade earth. Alien Arthur gets to announce the invasion to the people of Earth.

Fill: Torsos are Brilliant!

Haunted penis

(Anonymous) 2013-01-21 04:17 am (UTC)(link)
Prompt: Martin's penis has a mind of its own. It makes him say things.

This is because it's haunted.